Poor language is linked to poor behaviour even in very young children. 2 in 3 language delayed 3 year olds have behaviour problems

Talk Boost KS1

Narrows the gap between 4-7 year olds with language delay and their peers

Talk Boost KS1 logoIn some parts of the UK, upwards of 50% of children are starting school with delayed language skills that can affect their ability to learn, achieve and make friends. Many of these children have the potential to 'catch up' but only if they receive timely intervention and support.

Talk Boost KS1 is a targeted and evidence-based intervention, which supports language delayed children to make significant progress with their language and communication skills. During the pilot of the project, some children were found to improve their communication by 12-18 months in a ten week period.

In total 120 activities are delivered during the 10-week intervention period. Children are taught in small groups three times a week by teachers, assistants and volunteers but this is supplemented by whole-class activities so a focus on language permeates the wider classroom.

Each session draws on four activities that cover the key components of language - Listening and Attention, Vocabulary, Sentence Building, Storytelling and Conversations.

Talk Boost KS1 was developed by The Communication Trust and I CAN, with support from the Every Child a Chance Trust. It's part of A Chance to Talk (ACTT), a unique programme of training support and intervention which enables clusters of primary schools to provide an evidence-based approach to improving the speech, language and communication skills of children aged 4-7.

I CAN now offer Talk Boost KS1 as one of their licensed programmes.
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