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The Communication Commitment Survey Results

March 2017 - 136 responses


Your thoughts on the impact of the Commitment...

 - Over 97% of respondents felt that the Commitment is a useful tool for creating a whole-school approach to communication

- Over 83% said that using the Commitment has impacted on their work with children with speech, language and communication needs

- Over 82% said that the Commitment had raised awareness in their school about speech, language and communication

“I have delivered training to schools about the link between SLCN and learning outcomes and the Commitment has undoubtedly shifted their emphasis more towards speaking and listening, rather than reading and writing.”

- Speech and Language Therapist

“The Commitment has become the profile of staff development and CPD for this year. It has transformed our interactions with children and made us more considerate about the interventions and strategies we use to support them.”

- Early Years Practitioner

“The Commitment is an excellent way to show the breadth of areas schools can develop - the free resources provided are also useful. The posters are eye catching and give clear, simple areas to focus on.”

- Speech and Language Therapist

“Both myself, and my colleague have increased confidence and feel enthused when supporting pupils with SLCN.”


“The Commitment provides an excellent framework to look at the needs of individual schools, highlighting existing good practice and suggestions areas to develop/improve.”

- Speech and Language Therapist

“The Commitment website is very informative and I always come away with something that I can use in practice.”

- Early Years Practitioner

Who is using the Commitment?

How are you using the Commitment?

Has using the Commitment impacted on your work with children and young people with speech, language and communication needs?


Do you feel the Commitment is a useful tool for creating a whole-school approach to communication?


How helpful do you find the information on the Commitment website?

How user-friendly do you find the Commitment website?