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Commitment case studies

Below are examples and quotes from a number of schools that have taken the Commitment and have been using it in a variety of creative ways to help develop a focus on communication throughout school and to ensure they are supporting all their pupils' communication skills. Register here to find out how the Commitment might help your school!


2016 Case studies

Fonthill Primary School

Knowle DGE Learning Centre

Longmoor Primary School 

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham


2014 Case studies

The Discovery Federation

Bonneville Primary

Holy Trinity Primary

Pitcheroak School


Quotes about the Commitment


"The Commitment is just the thing I feel we need to develop a whole-school strategy. It's helped to have a clear Action Plan, with very clear areas to work on. We're using it to feed into a 3 year development plan, i.e. the actions are feeding into the objectives in the plan, and to drive forward the communication priorities that we have been working on for a while. The Commitment has increased my confidence that we're on track with addressing communication issues."


"We've completed the Action Plan, which has been very useful in supporting our work. It's helped us focus our goals and activities around communication, making sure we stay on track and helping us to realize what needs doing, and thinking about where we want to go in the future."


"As a result of the Commitment we have had more sessions on talk and incorporated speech and language into planning more. There has been more talk in the classroom, and more awareness among parents (we sent out top tips leaflets)."


"Our priority is raising the profile of communication, making pupils more aware. The Commitment has been a confirmation of things we've been focussing on for a while - we have been committed to being a communication-friendly environment for 10 years. The need for flexibility in the site is important - the Commitment will inform our approach to communication but has to fit with the school's way of doing things. For example, I have fitted the Action Plan into our school's format for action plans." 


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