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What is the Commitment?

Schools have told us that they know that communication is important but that they need support to navigate their way through all the information out there. The Communication Commitment provides this support by helping schools prioritise communication in a way which will work best for them. It's free to register and access all the site has to offer, including an audit tool, personalised action plan, resources, activity ideas, guidance, and ideas and examples from other schools.

You can watch an introductory film about the Commitment explaining a bit more about it and how it has made a big difference in one particular school - you can find the video on the bottom right hand side of your screen or by clicking  here The Commitment Handbook also provides a useful overview of what the Commitment is and how it might benefit your school.

The Commitment has been developed with teachers, speech and language therapists and expert advisors. It has been rigorously tested by our Trailblazer schools and draws on evidence from the  Better Communication Research Programme. Find out who was involved in developing this site.