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Frequently asked questions about the Commitment

Below you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Commitment. If you have any queries not addressed below, however, please feel free to contact us at with any questions or comments about the Commitment.


I'm having problems registering/logging in - what should I do?

If you've already tried resetting your password (by clicking on 'Forgot password?' above the login) and are still having trouble, please email us and we will be able to manually reset your login details or help you register.

How will the Commitment benefit my school?

Communication is essential not only to children's learning, but also key in forming relationships and for emotional well-being. What the Commitment does is give you practical ideas and resources to help support your pupils' communication skills every day, in the classroom and throughout school, and it can help you develop a whole-school approach to communication. Making the vital links between language, literacy and learning across the curriculum can impact significantly on attainment and wider educational outcomes. You can find out how the Commitment links to the Ofsted framework here, and how a focus on all pupils' communication skills should also help you identify those who are struggling as soon as possible, part of the 2014 SEND Code of Practice - read more about this here.

Our school isn't ready to develop an action plan - should we still use the Commitment?

Whether or not your school is at the stage of developing a whole-school approach to communication through an action plan, the Commitment provides lots of free resources, ideas and guidance to help you take small steps to better support your pupils' communication; you can use these in whatever way best suits you and/or your school.

Who decided on the priority areas and suggested actions?

The Commitment was developed by The Communication Trust in consultation with schools, the Communication Consortium, educational experts, and others with expertise in speech, language and communication. A review group piloted the website and fed back with advice on the design and detail of the website. We always welcome continuing feedback, though - please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments on the site.

I'm not based in a school but am interested in sharing the Commitment with others - how can I do this?

Anyone can register for the Commitment to find useful resources for supporting pupils' speech, language and communication. If you don't represent a school but wish to share information about the Commitment with schools you know of or work with, please see the ' Pass it on' section of the site, where you'll find ideas and materials for sharing with others, such as flyers and the Commitment Handbook. Do also feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss different ways to share the Commitment with schools.  

How can I find out about other schools in my area that are using the Commitment?

We'd like to help schools that are committed to the importance of communication to join up, sharing ideas and resources and supporting each other. We're working on different ways of doing this, and would be happy to discuss this and welcome your input - please email us with any questions or comments.

How can I share best practice with other schools?

We regularly share case studies, examples, and ideas from schools who have made the Commitment - you can find some of these on the website in the 'Examples from other schools' section. Please do send us yours! We're also interested in how we can further support schools to share best practice, though, so please get in touch if you have any suggestions. 

I work in the early years - is the Commitment relevant for me and my setting?

The Commitment is not specifically designed for early years settings, though you may still find some useful resources and ideas about the development of children's communication skills and how to support them. We are currently working with some early years settings to see what information is relevant to them; please email us if you are interested in finding out more or being involved. 

I've finished my Action Plan - what next?

Congratulations on completing your action plan! Do let us know directly to make sure you receive your Communication Commitment certificate of achievement. If you think your school still has some work to do on communication, though, why not challenge yourself with some more actions? Alternatively, if you'd like to take your work further, our Communication Consortium includes expert organisations that can offer a wide range of specialist support, consultancy, awards and accreditation. Find out more here.