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The Speech, Language and Communication Framework

The Speech, Language and Communication Framework (SLCF) sets out the skills and knowledge needed by practitioners to support the speech, language and communication development of all children. This includes those people who work with children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

The SLCF is available as an online self assessment tool, which you can log in and work through at your own pace. Please go to to complete the SLCF.

The SLCF is also available as a downloadable document, with much of the information available on the website. Please click here to download.


Work with a number of people who want to complete the SLCF?

If you're a manager and would like to assess the training needs of your team you can set up a 'cohort number' which will allow you to review the results of everyone in your team who completes the SLCF.

Please click here for more information.