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The Speech, Language and Communication Framework

The Speech, Language and Communication Framework (SLCF) is a free online professional development tool, accessible to all, which sets out the skills and knowledge that everyone working with children and young people should have in order to support children and young people’s speech, language and communication (SLC). This includes those people who work with children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

The SLCF self-evaluation tool enables individuals to evaluate their skills, knowledge and confidence in SLC, highlight their professional development needs, and to find training, resources or information to ‘fill the gaps’ identified by the SLCF. Individuals can track their CPD progress over time, allowing them to see where their knowledge and confidence has increased.

In addition, the SLCF provides short online universal level activities to support learning or enable practitioners to check how much they know about a particular aspect of SLC development or SLCN.


The SLCF is available as an online self assessment tool, which you can log in and work through at your own pace.

Please go to to find out more and complete the SLCF.



Work with a number of people who want to complete the SLCF?

The SLCF’s group function allows groups of practitioners, whole settings and organisations to assess their collective strengths and development needs and track progress over time. This function can enable settings to prioritise and plan CPD for staff, inform objective setting and appraise staff based on their CPD progress.

If you're a manager and would like to assess the training needs of your team, or your whole workforce you can create and manage a group, allowing you to review the results of everyone in your group who completes the SLCF.