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Primary Training Pack

As part of the Communication Trust’s 2017-18 Department for Education contract, we developed a bespoke programme of support for six schools to help them improve the quality of teaching and intervention for children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN). Alongside this we also produced a report for the Trust evaluating the project and its potential for development into a sustainable model of support for schools.

As a follow-up to last year’s work, we have delivered two training sessions on speech, language and communication to a total of 26 practitioners within a Multi Academy Trust (MAT). Some schools within the MAT had undertaken a Whole School SEND review, with the intention for the members of staff that attended the training session to later cascade the information and resources that they receive to other members of their setting.

To support the national dissemination of the cascade training model across other primary settings, we have made the accompanying resources freely available online. 


The resources from the event are freely available for you to download and use in your own settings. These include:

  1. A handbook which explains how you can personalise and use the training programme in your own setting.
  2. Four PowerPoint presentations covering the topics of IDENTIFYING CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE WITH SLCN, supporting and developing LISTENING SKILLS, supporting and developing VOCABULARY and WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND PARENT/CARERS
  3. Pre and Post training evaluation tools – so that you can track the effectiveness of each individual training session.

To download the programme participant handbook, click here.

To download the programme presentations, click here.

To download the session baseline and evaluation tools, click here.