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Making effective referrals

The Communication Trust has developed a series of factsheets to help settings plan and write effective referrals to speech and language therapy services. The factsheets cover the decision-making process for making referrals, what to consider about the child or young person, and how to build a speech, language and communication profile.

The factsheets also contain interactive links to free resources that can support referrers during the process. Click on the link symbols to view the resources.

The 'decision-making process' factsheet presents a flowchart illustrating a systematic approach to making referrals, with recommended actions and thinking points to consider throughout the journey.



The 'considering the whole child or young person' factsheet offers guidance on what information to consider and collate when preparing a referral.

Referral - considering CYP


The 'building a communication profile' factsheet provides descriptions of different types of speech, language and communication needs to help referrers use a common language with speech and language services. It also covers what information to include in your referral.



The Communication Trust would like to thank Parisha Chadha, Carrie Cloete, Kirsty Mansfield and Barnet SLT service for sharing their ‘SLT Decision Tree’, which formed the starting point for these factsheets.