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Listen To Us

Listen To Us is a new, practical resource for people providing training support or professional development in speech, language and communication needs (SLCN), mainly reflecting specific language impairments (SLI). It includes a DVD of carefully chosen clips showing children and young people with speech, language and communication needs and a supporting booklet, offering some questions for reflection on top of the DVD.

It's designed to be led interactively by professionals with strong expertise in the area, such as speech and language therapists, specialist and advisory teachers. Listen To Us aims to complement and support existing training and professional development activities by:

  • Providing opportunities for viewers to start thinking about and discussing SLCN.
  • Helping to develop the skills of the viewers in observing and reflecting on SLCN.
  • Helping viewers understand SLCN more effectively and how this may apply to their work.

These professionals can then use Listen To Us with a range of other practitioners who want to improve their knowledge of SLCN:

  • teachers
  • teaching assistants
  • SENCos
  • initial teacher trainees
  • speech and language therapy students

The DVD would support people as part of their initial training or as part of their continuing professional development. If you have any questions about the resource, please email

Listen To Us is available to purchase for £24.99 and you can order online here.


"There's no better way of understanding how best to support children and young people with SEN than listening to what they tell us. This resource does just that. It will be exceptionally useful in refining our understanding of speech, language and communication needs. It will help a wide range of professionals notice children with  these needs who might otherwise be missed , and develop their knowledge about  the different areas in which children can struggle. The pick and mix discussion questions make the resource highly flexible. I am sure it will be widely used."

Jean Gross, CBE