Good communication is the gateway to learning, friendships, academic achievement and success at work

Thank you for taking part in our poll. Our work at The Communication Trust is funded and evaluation of it is crucial in helping us continue to secure funding to further it.

These case studies, sourced by The Communication Trust in partnership with the Association of Colleges, showcase examples of good practice in post 16 settings to help you think about what you could do to improve speech, language and communication in your own.

We've put them together to support the further education workforce knowing that around half of that workforce is yet to receive any CPD around speech, language and communication despite the fact that nearly two thirds see it as essential to their role (1).

Multi-focus case studies:

These case studies consider a college or group of colleges, and the support offered, as a whole

Oaklands College - read about how the college supports transition, works with parents and uses flexible hours

Hadlow Colleges - read about the experience of Hadlow college who entered into an agreement with a group of therapists who were establishing their own business

Weston College - read about the college's flexible model of support and its work with external organisations to ensure a holistic approach and that there is a smooth transition both in to and out of the college

Single-focus case studies:

These case studies highlight one particalar area of good practice within a setting

Plumpton College: involving students in their support

Bedford College: an innovative use of funding

Derby College: focusing on the transition phase

The Seashell Trust: a whole college approach

Abingdon & Witney College: focusing on peer-to-peer communication

Sense College: working with external partners

East Kent College: focusing on collaboration and skills transfer


Let us know you what think about our new case studies.

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Cracking the Code posters for Post 16 settings

We have developed a NEW series of Cracking the Code posters. These posters are designed to provide a snapshot of the roles and responsibilities of the workforce in supporting students with speech, language and communication. The most recent addition to the series is ‘Cracking the Code for Post 16 Settings’, a poster suitable for colleges, training providers and the workplace.

To download all posters, visit our identifying speech language and communication needs page.


1 The Communication Trust, ‘Professional development in speech, language and communication: Findings from a national survey,’ February 2017