Poor language is linked to poor behaviour even in very young children. 2 in 3 language delayed 3 year olds have behaviour problems

Talking Point

Talking Point logo 200pxThe Talking Point website is the one stop shop for information on children's communication. The site is full of useful information and resources to support  young people, parents and practitioners  to develop children's speech, language and communication.

Since 2011 we have be supporting the development and growth of the site to meet the ever-increasing need for this type of information.

Parents and practitioners tell us it is hard to find information about support for children with communication difficulties and how to identify children's speech, language and communication needs. With this in mind Talking Point has recently been revamped - with new features including a database of resources (DVDs, books), a searchable map of local services (Therapists, Specialist Schools) and a new design that's easy to use on a mobile or tablet.

The site includes Progress Checker,  a resource that allows parents and practitioners to review a child's progress ,at different ages, in talking, listening and understanding. New content will continue to be added over the next year, focussing mainly on young people.

The site is maintained and developed by I CAN and funded by The Communication Trust and the Department for Education.


I CAN Help Enquiry Service - speak to a speech & language therapist.

ICAN Helpline logo 150pxThe I CAN Help Enquiry Service* is a free and confidential information service run by qualified speech and language therapists.

This service allows parents and practitioners with concerns about a child's communication development to discuss their questions with an I CAN speech and language therapist and receive information, tips, signposting and resources from a professional.

For more information and to arrange a phone call or email from an I CAN speech and language therapist, visit www.ican.org.uk/enquiryservice  or contact 020 7843 2544 / help@ican.org.uk.   

*As this service does not include meeting and assessing children, we are unable to provide specific advice about a child (e.g. a diagnosis).


The Afasic Helpline

Afasic_150pxThe Afasic Helpline is an independent and confidential source of information and support for anyone who has concerns about a child with SLCN. While aimed at parents and carers, they will also answer queries from young people with SLCN, professionals or family friends and relatives.

Their knowledgeable and supportive team of staff and volunteers have all been thoroughly trained and, in most cases, are themselves parents of children with SLCN. They can help with queries or concerns about speech and language development, speech and language therapy, diagnosis and professional reports, legal entitlements and accessing support through the SEND system.

The helpline is open between 10.30 and 2.30, Mondays to Fridays, and the number to ring is 0300 666 9410.

Out of hours they can be contacted via the e-mail enquiry form on their website: http://www.afasic.org.uk/.