Poor language is linked to poor behaviour even in very young children. 2 in 3 language delayed 3 year olds have behaviour problems

No Pens Day Wednesday Past Materials

Last year's No Pens Day Wednesday took place nationally on Wednesday 3rd October. 

This year, we will be providing new and improved resources and toolkits in partnership with I CAN. To take part this year, please register your interest here.   

Please follow the links below to access previous resources.

If you need support in highlighting the impact No Pens Day Wednesday can have to colleagues or your senior management team, beyond these fantastic resources, check out our case studies available here. They'll help you make a really strong case!  

These provide a wide range of fully planned speaking and listening focussed lessons. Use them as they are or develop them to your needs.
These are speaking and listening activity ideas that you can adapt and use to build in dynamic speaking and listening components to any lesson.
Here you'll find some assembly ideas to help you introduce your pupils to the idea of No Pens Day Wednesday and the importance of speaking and listening.
A selection of tools to allow teachers to collect the views of children and young people taking part in No Pens Day Wednesday.
The materials provided here include staff meeting content, information materials for staff about SLCN and identification guidance.
We know how important parental engagement is, the materials here help you highlight the importance of speaking and listening to parents and why your school is taking part.
These materials include everything you need to help you spread the word about your day with parents, around school, with other shcools, with local media and employers.
Many of Consortium members provide speech, language and communication information and support for schools. Here you'll find free materials they have to help you run your day.
Here you'll find information and links to other projects and resources we have that you might be interested in getting involved in.