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Communication is at the core of what we do at home, in school and in work.

For children and young people, good communication skills are essential for learning and making friends, with strong language and communication skills linked to better outcomes in school and beyond. Communication skills impact widely across all areas of development, on learning, behaviour, and social and emotional development. Communication is one of the key sets of skills highlighted in Ofsted's School Inspection Handbook, which should be embedded across the curriculum.

The Communication Commitment is a simple way to ensure all pupils communicate to the best of their ability by developing a whole-school approach to communication. It's free to register for the Commitment and you'll receive lots of free information, toolkits, and resources, as well as a personalised Action Plan for your school. 

By ensuring a focus on communication throughout school, you'll be helping all your pupils to communicate more effectively, including those who may struggle with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). 

About the commitment