The Trust was set up in 2007 by Afasic, BT, Council for Disabled Children and I CAN.

Voice for Life

Afasic_150pxDuring 2011 and 2012 Afasic England, with funding and support from us, ran a number of free events around the country for parents and practitioners to find out more about SLCN and particularly SLI.  In total nearly a 1000 parents, professionals, children and young people attended the three events.

Unlike traditional conferences, Voice for Life offered parents/carers, professionals and school groups an informal environment which included a very varied programme of workshops, activities and information displays, that participants could attend for as long or short a time as they wanted.

Speech and language therapy services, educational advisors, specialist schools, universities, parent partnership services and many others gave invaluable support. In each location professionals from local services, together with members of The Communication Trust, offered a varied programme of presentations which covered many different aspects of SLCN. School groups got to try a wide range of enjoyable workshop activities designed to stimulate communication, including drumming, storytelling, animation and making ukuleles. 

Afasic England was able to showcase a great deal of the excellent work that is being developed and delivered in difficult times. Evaluations were extremely positive. Participants really valued the opportunity to find out what is happening in their region, and in some cases, further afield. Parents and professionals were impressed with the variety of presentations and many commented on the new ideas and useful information that they would be taking away from the day. They want more of the same!