The Trust was set up in 2007 by Afasic, BT, Council for Disabled Children and I CAN.

Campaign Sponsors

A special thank you goes to our Hello sponsors whose support has helped us reach more families and professionals.

BT is the UK's leading provider of communications solutions and services.

BT is a founding member of The Communication Trust and sponsored Hello, playing a leading role in the campaign. Communication is core to BT's business and their passion for helping young people's communication skills dates back over 10 years.

BT supported Hello because they understand the importance of communication as the number one life skill and the impact on life chances when communication skills are not there.

Their contribution to Hello included developing resources notably Small Talk booklet for parents and TalkGym resource for young people aged 14-19 years to improve their communication. They ran information forums for their employees and hosted a Hello Heroes event to celebrate the contribution of local practitioners at the BT Tower.

Pearson Assessment is committed to providing quality assessments, efficient testing procedures and valid and reliable information to help all individuals succeed. They develop tests and products for professionals in psychology, health and education.

Pearson Assessment sponsored Hello playing a pivotal role in bringing the issue of children's speech and language to the attention of health and education professionals across the country.

Their contribution to Hello including developing resources notably Universally Speaking 'ages and stages' booklets for early years, primary and secondary professionals, hosting information sharing forums and creating a new communication awards scheme Shine a Light.

For more information about Pearson Assessment please click here.