The Trust was set up in 2007 by Afasic, BT, Council for Disabled Children and I CAN.

Legacy of Hello

Through Hello we have created a wave of activity at national and local level that has prioritised children's communication. Whilst the national year of communication may be over, our efforts continue to ensure every child is understood. 

We would like to thank you if you have supported Hello in any way whether you made a personal difference as a individual, made a splash in your setting or if you changed things in your local area for the better.

A special thanks goes to our army of Hello local co-ordinators who have regularly cascaded information and promoted campaign initiatives to families in their community helping us to extend our campaign reach. We could not have run a successful campaign without you!

The Hello campaign is continuing in the following ways:

The Hello strategic projects - Communication Ambassadors, A Chance to Talk and Talk of the Town. These pioneering programmes are supporting parents to develop their children's communication skills and support schools in their growing role as commissioners of SLCN services. Receive regular updates on them by signing up to our newsletter here.

Hello resources - Are still available to order and download here. Help us to spread the word about these resources that support parents and professionals to develop all children's communication, identify when children are struggling and where to go for help and support.

Hello films - A range of films have been developed for parents of young children to give advice and guidance on how to support their communication development. They showcase good and negative communication through the eyes of the child and are due to be launched in the coming months. These will be available shortly.

Your Stories - Sharing stories and best practice examples at individual, setting and area level was a vital part of Hello. We want to continue this information sharing so please continue to upload your stories here.

Milestone events - No Pens Wednesday Day and the Shine a Light good communication awards were hugely popular Hello milestone events. We want them to become regular events so please find out more about them.

Schools campaign - Through the Hello campaign, we identified that gaps exist in schools around how to support the speech, language and communication needs of children and young people. We will in the coming months be launching a campaign that places communication at the heat of schools' policy and practice. To keep up to date of campaign developments, please sign up to our newsletter here.

Hello evaluation report - Read the full report here.