The Trust was set up in 2007 by Afasic, BT, Council for Disabled Children and I CAN.

Parent Helplines

The Department of Education asked The Communication Trust to ensure that a number of parent helplines are providing appropriate information to parents about typical speech, language and communication development. This also includes ensuring that they are providing appropriate advice on what to do if a parent is concerned and are aware of the services that they can signpost parents to.

We worked with Symbol UK, a Trust consortium member, who provided the relevant helplines with information and advice in the form of a training pack which also included resources from other consortium members.

Symbol also ran a conference for helpline staff to give training on the following:

• What are speech, language and communication?
• What are speech, language and communication needs?
• Things that might alert helpline staff to speech, language and communication needs
• General advice for parents and carers and appropriate signposting